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5 Years Without Prince

5 Years Without Prince 1
What do you hope to see happen in the future in order to keep Prince’s legacy and music alive?

Today is the 5th anniversary of Prince’s untimely passing, and we've asked you how you’ve dealt with the loss, your opinion of the music that’s been released since, and what you hope to see happen in the future...

Famous People Who’ve Met Me

Famous People Who've Met Me 2
In Owen Husney’s memoir 'Famous People Who’ve Met Me' all roads lead to Prince.

In Owen Husney’s memoir, Famous People Who’ve Met Me (2018), all roads lead to Prince. While, given the remit of this website, it may be tempting to consider Husney’s volume of recollections solely through the lens of his relationship to Prince...

My Life In The Purple Kingdom

My Life In The Purple Kingdom 3
A look at the new memoir "My Life In The Purple Kingdom" by Mark Brown.

A look at the new memoir "My Life In The Purple Kingdom" by former bassist for Prince and Revolution Mark Brown (aka BrownMark), who worked with the band from 1981-1986.

This Thing Called Life

This Thing Called Life 4
There is the question of how much Prince would've trusted a music journalist with any real secrets.

Douglas Rasmussen reviewed Neal Karlen’s book “This Thing Called Life: Prince’s Odyssey On and Off the Record”. In Prince circles, Rolling Stone writer Neal Karlen is a bit of a controversial figure. So it is with some trepidation that he has decided to review his new memoir on his friendship with the iconic singer Prince...

A True Prince Fan

A True Prince Fan 5
A true Prince fan knows what Prince had said or thought, and exactly what he would have wanted.

An essay by Raine Baker: What makes a true Prince fan? "Prince very publicly said he didn’t like the word ‘fan’ because it was short for ‘fanatic.’ While he may have taken that reasoning a bit farther than seemed reasonable at the time, we’ve been proving that right as a whole in the last four years."

Sam Jennings Interview

Sam Jennings Interview 6
Proudly presenting Sam Jennings as our guest for a Housequake questionnaire.

Proudly presenting our next guest for a Housequake questionnaire! Sam Jennings lives in Los Angeles and is an artist and designer who worked as Prince’s webmaster and creative director from 1998 to 2007.

Jeff Katz Interview

Jeff Katz Interview 7
Proudly presenting Jeff Katz as our guest for a Housequake questionnaire.

Jeff Katz is one of the most distinguished photographers in the Entertainment Industry. He was also Prince’s personal photographer and creative collaborator from 1985 to 1996. Read our exclusive questionnaire.

LeRoy Bennett Interview

LeRoy Bennett Interview 8
Proudly presenting LeRoy Bennett as our guest for a Housequake questionnaire.

We are proud to present the Housequake questionnaire conducted with LeRoy Bennett. He was Prince’s production & lighting designer and co-creative director for the 1980 to 1994 Prince tours.

The Beautiful Ones

The Beautiful Ones 9
Prince was reluctant to reveal much about himself. How much detail would Prince be willing to depart?

Would it be a memoir focusing on a specific time period? Would it be an autobiography encompassing all of Prince’s life? Douglas Rasmussen reviews the eagerly anticipated memoir by Prince.

‘Annie Christian’: When Prince Got Weird

‘Annie Christian’: When Prince Got Weird 10
This propensity for unusual lyrical subject matter was a constant throughout Prince's musical output.

R.E.M.’s lead guitarist, Peter Buck once referred to Prince as “one of the weirdest musicians in the Top 10.” Regardless of his success in the charts, it’s hard to argue with Buck’s assessment that Prince’s musical catalogue is more than a bit leftfield in every regard...

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