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Famous People Who’ve Met Me

Famous People Who've Met Me-Housequake
In Owen Husney’s memoir 'Famous People Who’ve Met Me' all roads lead to Prince.

In Owen Husney’s memoir, Famous People Who’ve Met Me (2018), all roads lead to Prince. While, given the remit of this website, it may be tempting to consider Husney’s volume of recollections solely through the lens of his relationship to Prince...

My Life In The Purple Kingdom

My Life In The Purple Kingdom-Housequake
A look at the new memoir "My Life In The Purple Kingdom" by Mark Brown.

A look at the new memoir "My Life In The Purple Kingdom" by former bassist for Prince and Revolution Mark Brown (aka BrownMark), who worked with the band from 1981-1986.

This Thing Called Life

This Thing Called Life-Housequake
There is the question of how much Prince would've trusted a music journalist with any real secrets.

Douglas Rasmussen reviewed Neal Karlen’s book “This Thing Called Life: Prince’s Odyssey On and Off the Record”. In Prince circles, Rolling Stone writer Neal Karlen is a bit of a controversial figure. So it is with some trepidation that he has decided to review his new memoir on his friendship with the iconic singer Prince...

The Beautiful Ones

The Beautiful Ones-Housequake
Prince was reluctant to reveal much about himself. How much detail would Prince be willing to depart?

Would it be a memoir focusing on a specific time period? Would it be an autobiography encompassing all of Prince’s life? Douglas Rasmussen reviews the eagerly anticipated memoir by Prince.

Purple Rain’s 4th Best Song

Purple Rain’s 4th Best Song-Housequake
Many of you argue that other songs from Purple Rain belong in the top three and you’re not wrong.

We could debate all day about the best song from Purple Rain, but it’s been done. I know many of you would argue that other songs belong in the top three and I’m not going to say you’re wrong. More important to me is this question: What’s the 4th best song from Purple Rain?

Piano & A Microphone 1983

Piano & A Microphone 1983-Housequake
The first release from Prince's semi-mythical vault presents a portrait of the artist in his element...

The first standalone release from the semi-mythical vault presents a portrait of the artist in his element, in possibly the only place he was ever completely comfortable or felt at ease letting his guard down.

3121: the essence of Prince in the XXI century

3121: the essence of Prince in the XXI century-Housequake

10 years ago I was a happy camper in a legendary forum for Prince fans, Housequake.com. I remember the excitation surrounding the release of the new album Prince was going to release in 2006, entitled 3121. In that occasion, all the expectations were fulfilled (at least for me), and after spending a few days listening attentively to 3121, I wrote a review.

A pause in Prince’s way back home

A pause in Prince's way back home-Housequake

Just a few months after the release of Art Official Age and PLECTRUMELECTRUM in September 2014, Prince surprised everyone in Princeland with the announcement that he would release a new album with Tidal in September 2015, entitled HITnRUN Phase One

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