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Declan McCarthy

Declan McCarthy first discovered the music of Prince in 2015. Since then Prince has become one of his favourite artists, second only to Bob Dylan. He is an English Literature graduate from the University of Bangor and his final year undergraduate dissertation concerned the poetry of Leonard Cohen, another of his favourite artists. His main interest lies in taking the analytical skills he attained throughout his degree and applying them to various forms of popular music.

The Crown Jewel of Emancipation

The Crown Jewel of Emancipation-Housequake
The track lies at the heart of the album’s second disc and is the album’s unsung masterpiece.

Emancipation's Crown Jewel: The musical and artistic achievement of ‘Joint 2 Joint’ is unparalleled when compared to the album’s other thirty-five cuts. The track lies at the heart of the album’s second disc and is the album’s unsung masterpiece...

Famous People Who’ve Met Me

Famous People Who've Met Me-Housequake
In Owen Husney’s memoir 'Famous People Who’ve Met Me' all roads lead to Prince.

In Owen Husney’s memoir, Famous People Who’ve Met Me (2018), all roads lead to Prince. While, given the remit of this website, it may be tempting to consider Husney’s volume of recollections solely through the lens of his relationship to Prince...

‘Annie Christian’: When Prince Got Weird

‘Annie Christian’: When Prince Got Weird-Housequake
This propensity for unusual lyrical subject matter was a constant throughout Prince's musical output.

R.E.M.’s lead guitarist, Peter Buck once referred to Prince as “one of the weirdest musicians in the Top 10.” Regardless of his success in the charts, it’s hard to argue with Buck’s assessment that Prince’s musical catalogue is more than a bit leftfield in every regard...

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