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More Than Purple

As an icon of not just music but popular culture in general, when you mention Prince to anyone who isn’t necessarily a fan, they will more than likely conjure up a very specific image of him in their mind. It will relate to a particular period, and be linked to a particular color.

My Name is Prince Exhibition

When this was announced, my natural excitement was tempered by more than a degree of trepidation and cynicism about what this exhibition would be and how Prince would be represented. The decisions and motivation of his sister and the plethora of ‘relatives’ that suddenly came on the scene in the wake of his death have been the source of much consternation and, er, controversy amongst much of his...

U ain’t ready 4 me

Since April 21st 2016, I have often felt the need to write something about his death, and what it meant for the many hardcore fans around the world. But very soon I realized it was very sensitive material to me: the superstar, the music genius living in an ivory tower for decades… was actually someone I felt very, very close to me.

3121: the essence of Prince in the XXI century

10 years ago I was a happy camper in a legendary forum for Prince fans, I remember the excitation surrounding the release of the new album Prince was going to release in 2006, entitled 3121. In that occasion, all the expectations were fulfilled (at least for me), and after spending a few days listening attentively to 3121, I wrote a review.

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