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Duane Tudahl Interview

Duane Tudahl Interview 1
Presenting Duane Tudahl as our guest for a Housequake questionnaire.

Proudly presenting Duane Tudahl as our next guest for a Housequake questionnaire. You might know him from writing about Prince and the Minneapolis music scene for 25 years and of the Prince studio sessions books.

Sam Jennings Interview

Sam Jennings Interview 2
Proudly presenting Sam Jennings as our guest for a Housequake questionnaire.

Proudly presenting our next guest for a Housequake questionnaire! Sam Jennings lives in Los Angeles and is an artist and designer who worked as Prince’s webmaster and creative director from 1998 to 2007.

Jeff Katz Interview

Jeff Katz Interview 3
Proudly presenting Jeff Katz as our guest for a Housequake questionnaire.

Jeff Katz is one of the most distinguished photographers in the Entertainment Industry. He was also Prince’s personal photographer and creative collaborator from 1985 to 1996. Read our exclusive questionnaire.

LeRoy Bennett Interview

LeRoy Bennett Interview 4
Proudly presenting LeRoy Bennett as our guest for a Housequake questionnaire.

We are proud to present the Housequake questionnaire conducted with LeRoy Bennett. He was Prince’s production & lighting designer and co-creative director for the 1980 to 1994 Prince tours.

Robert Whitman Interview

Robert Whitman Interview 5
Proudly presenting Robert Whitman as our guest for a Housequake interview.

Probably all of you remember that, some months ago, there was an exhibition of stunning Prince pictures at the very beginning of his career (1977), taken by the photographer Robert Whitman.

Rad. Interview

Rad. Interview 6

After a year in Prince's band New Power Generation, new motherhood and a following hiatus rad. returns with a new album named "East Babe" and currently a European Tour. Much thanks to our fellow Housequake member Juize, we can now present an exclusive interview with Rad.

Alan Leeds Interview

Alan Leeds Interview 7
Proudly presenting Alan Leeds as our guest for a Housequake interview.

Housequake is very proud to present an interview conducted with Alan Leeds, one of the persons with a deeper knowledge on Prince's career, and a fan of his music like all of us. We hope you will enjoy reading the interview!

Cathy ‘Cat’ Glover Interview

Cathy 'Cat' Glover Interview 8

They say Justin Timberlake is bringing sexy back. He's got moves that make the girls scream. Well, back in the day, the subject of this interview had moves that could make both boys and girls scream. She is perhaps best known for her work with Prince in the late 1980s and she appeared in several videos and the concert film Sign 'O' the Times... Purring yet? I'm talking, of course, about Ms. Cat...

Harlan V. Austin Interview

Harlan V. Austin has 20 years of field experience as a Close Protection Operative Bodyguard, seven years of which he served as Director of Security Services for Paisley Park Productions. Foremost in his duties was assuring the safety and welfare of the musical artist Prince, as well as various celebrities with whom Prince collaborated or associated with...

Michael Koppelman Interview

We are happy to present you an interview conducted with Michael Koppelman, who worked since Graffiti Bridge to the 0(+> album as main engineer for Prince. He has previously released two very interesting and insightful podcasts on his experience working for Prince. He kindly agreed to answer a few questions from us, we hope you will enjoy reading it...

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