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Jeff Katz Interview

Jeff Katz Interview-Housequake
Proudly presenting Jeff Katz as our guest for a Housequake questionnaire.

Jeff Katz is one of the most distinguished photographers in the Entertainment Industry. He was also Prince’s personal photographer and creative collaborator from 1985 to 1996. Read our exclusive questionnaire.

Parade Tour Stockholm 1986

Parade Tour Stockholm 1986-Housequake
Presenting some ‘never-before-seen’ Prince concert photos from the 1986 Parade tour.

A long time ago I acquired a bunch of original black and white negatives. After some thorough investigation one of the strips appeared to be photos from Prince & The Revolution Parade Tour show on August 22, 1986 in Stockholm.

Robert Whitman Interview

Robert Whitman Interview-Housequake
Proudly presenting Robert Whitman as our guest for a Housequake interview.

Probably all of you remember that, some months ago, there was an exhibition of stunning Prince pictures at the very beginning of his career (1977), taken by the photographer Robert Whitman.

David Honl Interview

David Honl Interview-Housequake

Back in September, another HQ member shared David's blog post about taking photos of Paisley Park (). On a whim, I emailed him and asked if he'd be willing to do an email Q&A; for the fans at Housequake. Thanks to David for his time and thoughtful answers! Enjoy.

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