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Nickfunk is a nomad Italian having lived in Italy, France, Belgium, Chile and Brazil and visited many other places. Currently living and working in Brussels he still enjoys travelling - which he rates as the highest form of culture - while listening to music and going to live concerts remain central among his interests.

Diamonds And Pearls SDE hides unreleased Prince album

Diamonds And Pearls SDE hides unreleased Prince album 1
It was in Paris at a Diamonds and Pearls tour show on 10 July 1992 that I had the most transcending live concert experience of my life...

I had no great expectations for this Super Deluxe Edition (SDE) release. I will point at a few flaws at the end, but first I will have a go on why I find this release so enjoyable. And would it be possible to assemble a decent Prince album revolving around the new outtakes and “Open Book”?

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