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The latest identity game of Prince

The latest identity game of Prince-Housequake

In the early 2010s, Prince had spent a fairly long time performing live with a band composed of a series of musicians which were well known, both for him and for his public. The inner core included Morris Hayes on keyboards, Cora Coleman & Josh Dunham on drums and bass, with Cassandra O’Neil on keyboards, and the voices of Shelby J, Liv Warfield and Elisa Dease.

Purple Rain revisited: the making of an icon

Purple Rain revisited: the making of an icon-Housequake

With all the initial noise -which for whatever reason seems to have vanished- made about the agreement between Warner Brothers and Prince to release a remastered edition of his album Purple Rain, I thought these days would be great to watch attentively the movie. And this week, a day alone at home proved to be the perfect opportunity.

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