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Chris Lacy

Chris Lacy is an independent music journalist, follower of Jesus Christ, I.T. consultant, and hip-hop choreographer. Born in a Navy family, he grew up in Puerto Rico, Guam, and San Diego before moving back home to South Carolina. Lacy spent four years with Albumism.com as a Contributing Writer. “I had zero experience when I joined,” he explained. “But with my passion for music and storytelling, Albumism taught me how to find my voice as a writer. I’m forever grateful for that.” Chris’s goals for every writing project are to move you emotionally and stay with you long after you finish reading. And like Prince, his musical tastes are all over the map. You can find Chris Lacy on Twitter, Instagram, and Medium.

Prince’s Musical Mt. Rushmore

Prince's Musical Mt. Rushmore-Housequake
Only a select few are legendary enough to grace the coveted spots on this imaginary Mount Rushmore.

Music flowed through Prince at all hours. He set aside an untold number of finished songs and albums in his Paisley Park vault. But only a select few are legendary enough to grace the four coveted spots on this imaginary Mount Rushmore...

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