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I’m a Graphic Designer based in the UK. Became a casual fan in the late 80s on the back of the Batman album — an underappreciated classic in my opinion (though admittedly not one many Prince fans share) — before graduating to a more full-time fan role in the early 90s. First saw him live on the Ultimate Live Experience tour of 1995. My favourite album is Sign O’ The Times (an uncontroversial choice), and if I had to pick a single favourite song it would be “If I Was Your Girlfriend”, which I think encompasses a lot of what made Prince a genius of his craft.

The Truth?

The Truth?-Housequake
What if half the things ever said, turned out 2 be a lie. How will U know the Truth?

Prince once said “Everything U think is true”, but gazing down from his guitar-shaped cloud, I imagine he might be irked by the way some former confidants have taken that bit of princely pontification, and well and truly run with it.

More Than Purple

More Than Purple-Housequake
At various points in his career, Prince did his best to unshackle himself from his purple past...

As an icon of not just music but popular culture in general, when you mention Prince to anyone who isn’t necessarily a fan, they will more than likely conjure up a very specific image of him in their mind. It will relate to a particular period, and be linked to a particular color.

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