My Name is Prince Exhibition

When this was announced, my natural excitement was tempered by more than a degree of trepidation and cynicism about what this exhibition would be and how Prince would be represented. The decisions and motivation of his sister and the plethora of ‘relatives’ that suddenly came on the scene in the wake of his death have been the source of much consternation and, er, controversy amongst much of his...

3121: the essence of Prince in the XXI century

10 years ago I was a happy camper in a legendary forum for Prince fans, I remember the excitation surrounding the release of the new album Prince was going to release in 2006, entitled 3121. In that occasion, all the expectations were fulfilled (at least for me), and after spending a few days listening attentively to 3121, I wrote a review.

A pause in Prince’s way back home

Just a few months after the release of Art Official Age and PLECTRUMELECTRUM in September 2014, Prince surprised everyone in Princeland with the announcement that he would release a new album with Tidal in September 2015, entitled HITnRUN Phase One

The latest identity game of Prince

In the early 2010s, Prince had spent a fairly long time performing live with a band composed of a series of musicians which were well known, both for him and for his public. The inner core included Morris Hayes on keyboards, Cora Coleman & Josh Dunham on drums and bass, with Cassandra O’Neil on keyboards, and the voices of Shelby J, Liv Warfield and Elisa Dease.

Purple Rain revisited: the making of an icon

With all the initial noise -which for whatever reason seems to have vanished- made about the agreement between Warner Brothers and Prince to release a remastered edition of his album Purple Rain, I thought these days would be great to watch attentively the movie. And this week, a day alone at home proved to be the perfect opportunity.

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