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Casci Ritchie

Casci Ritchie has been a dedicated fan of His Royal Badness ever since she heard Peach blast from her Dad’s Ford Mondeo speakers as a young child. Ever since she’s proudly sported a raspberry beret.
She is a fashion historian based in Glasgow, Scotland who proudly writes about Prince, twentieth-century fashion, film and consumer cultures. Casci is currently researching the origins of musician Prince’s iconic style and has presented her research in London, Manchester, Roubaix, Newcastle and Minneapolis. Her article focusing on Prince and the trench coat will be published in the upcoming book, Prince in Popular Music: Critical Perspectives later in the year.

The Beautiful One: Fashioning The Kid in Purple Rain

The Beautiful One: Fashioning The Kid in Purple Rain-Housequake
The iconic style of ‘The Kid’ is now very much part of our popular culture.

Prince's iconic Purple Rain outfit; the purple trench coat, the frilly shirt and the high waisted trousers are now forever embedded within popular culture as the archetype of the musician's prolific visual image. On the 35th anniversary of the film's release, Casci Ritchie discusses just what makes 'The Kid' fashions so memorable...

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